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a story about gratus


gratus, gratitude in latin, is the main philosophy behind this all vegan bakery. Gratitude is what drives gratus, our gratitude towards the things we have and being able to spread the joy of food to you. We aim to provide delicious and decadent pastries that happen to be vegan, not only leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the planet but also as a healthier option.

Currently operating as a home bakery, we provide vegan desserts and pastries, free from any animal products or derivatives including meat, seafood, eggs and dairy. Debunking myths of vegan food, we aim to provide elegant patisseries to you and your tribe. Despite being a home bakery, we aim to provide high-quality products made with high-quality ingredients handcrafted with utmost attention.


More on why we choose to bake vegan - head to our blog!


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