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Why Vegan?

Hi there! I am Levine, vegan, passionate baker and environmental enthusiast.

I turned vegan overnight in 2014 after watching a video about slaughterhouses and I've never looked back. My decision to become vegan was an ethical one and a life changing one. I believe that there is no need to kill an innocent animal for me to obtain food. It was challenging at first, figuring out what I could or could not eat, but after a while, it was just a matter of habit. It has definitely gotten easier throughout the years, with much more restaurants and food outlets providing vegetarian and vegan options.

When I first turned vegan, I wasn't aware of the environmental aspects of this lifestyle and the benefits it had on the environment. Over the years, I've learned more about climate change and environmentalism and it has kept me going. Being vegan has taught me a lot of life lessons. It has made me appreciate the food I have, the environment we live in and the small things in life. With limited options, I've become very grateful to whatever vegan options I am able to find. Therefore, gratus, gratitude in Latin, is the main philosophy that encompasses this business. I hope to spread the word about veganism and how being vegan can create a larger impact on our planet. It is about being compassionate and grateful for the things we have and not inflicting harm on innocent beings for our own pleasure. Veganism isn't just a diet for me, it is a lifestyle and life philosophy I live by.

Many people have assumptions and are skeptical over vegan food, thinking that it would not taste as good as non-vegan food. I hope that through gratus, I am able to show that vegan food and desserts are as good as non-vegan ones.

I hope to use this platform to raise awareness about veganism, environmental issues and social issues in general. In the world we live in today, gratitude, kindness and compassion is something everyone needs. A little kindness and compassion goes a long way - not only to humans but non-humans too.

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