Cupcakes - Mix of 2 Flavours

Cupcakes - Mix of 2 Flavours


Box of Cupcakes - 6 cupcakes per box 


Flavours available: 

1. Chocolate filled with Espresso 

2. Just Chocolate 

3. Earl Grey 

4. Coconut Mango

5. Good O' Vanilla 

6. Tiramisu 



A mix of 2 flavours of your choice to try a little bit of everything. Little cakes of joy to brighten up your day.


*Photos are for illustrative purposes only

"The classic lemon tart [...] Decedent and creamy lemon tart - tangy yet sweet at the same time with sweet and savoury crust. No-one will even notice they're vegan!" 

— Lily, @lilyg9390

"Vegan cakes are incredibly hard to master, but this is absolutely spot on. I love the crumb. It's so textured and, dare I say - moist. You are genius for pairing pistachio and lychee."

— Charlotte, @thecharlottemei

“If it's healthier than usual cakes then this is worth the calories. Tastes as good. It's light, and perfumed by the rose." 

— Justin, @justinfoodprints

"I've just tried the cupcakes and they are one of the best desserts I had! Moist and not too sweet with unique flavors and good portion/value."

— Frances