PBP x gratus: Set 2

PBP x gratus: Set 2


Together with PoweredbyPlant, we are fundraising in aid of those struggling through the hard times in India. As you may know, millions in India are losing their lives and struggling to get proper healthcare and the most necessary supplies to cope with the rising Covid-19 cases. As such, PoweredbyPlant, gratus, The Breakfast Club, The Chai Baba, Loaded Gun Kitchen and Revive Nutrition Sg are coming together with a goal to raise $5000 in support of these tough times. 


All profits from these set bundles will be going to our fundraising efforts. 


In this set you will receive: 

2 x Carrot Cake Cupcake

1 x Lemon Blueberry Tea Cake

1 x Strawberry Crumble Bar

1 x Choice of Facial Bar by PBP 


The delivery/collection date will be on 19th May ONLY. 

  • Delivery

    All orders of this set will be delivered on 19th May! 

  • Self-Collection

    All orders of this set will be available for self-collection at Tan Kah Kee MRT on 19th May. Timings will be confirmed closer to date. 

  • Ordering

    The last day for orders will be 16th May! Limited stock available, get yours now before it sells out!  

"The classic lemon tart [...] Decedent and creamy lemon tart - tangy yet sweet at the same time with sweet and savoury crust. No-one will even notice they're vegan!" 

— Lily, @lilyg9390

"Vegan cakes are incredibly hard to master, but this is absolutely spot on. I love the crumb. It's so textured and, dare I say - moist. You are genius for pairing pistachio and lychee."

— Charlotte, @thecharlottemei

“If it's healthier than usual cakes then this is worth the calories. Tastes as good. It's light, and perfumed by the rose." 

— Justin, @justinfoodprints

"I've just tried the cupcakes and they are one of the best desserts I had! Moist and not too sweet with unique flavors and good portion/value."

— Frances