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our sustainability initiatives

For gratus, sustainability is very important. We stay away from using plastic and unnecessary packaging, always encouraging customers to bring their own bags or boxes to contain our boxes. 

We are honoured to be featured on our national newspaper to spread the word about fostering a circular economy and spreading the word of sustainability. For such as small country, we produce a lot of waste and we here at gratus try to do our part in creating less waste. 


fostering a circular economy



Every Chinese New Year, we see a great wastage of plastic containers. At gratus, we only use reusable high quality glass jars to store our cookies. They not only look better and are airtight, they are so much friendlier for the environment! 

We still do encourage customers to bring your own container. If you would like to be part of this circular economy initiative and do your part for the environment, simply select the barePack container option (if you are a barePack member) or the "bring-your-own-container" option while shopping! 

Alternatively, you can return us our glass jars after and get a refund of $1! 


We are so excited to be part of the barePack family! 

While you are shopping, you can now save $0.50 by: 

1. Being a barePack member and select the "barePack member & container" option

2. Bringing your own container when we delivery or do self-collection! 

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